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Why Mike Castle must be defeated whatever it takes #tcot #teaparty #DESEN

It is difficult to overstate the threat posed to the Tea Party & the cause of freedom should Mike Castle win the open Senate seat in Delaware.And it is a sad demonstration of the grip of pragmatism on the minds of some highly respected Conservative bloggers that they cannot see the forest from the trees on this issue.The first question one must ask is oneself is:what is my goal?Is my goal to protect individual rights,or is my goal to give Republicans control of the Senate?The first mistake made by many Conservatives is that they mistakenly believe gaining control of the Senate NOW is essential to achieving freedom.(I am excluding,of course,party hacks whose dreams consist of getting as many people with R's after their names into office as possible).In fact there is little that can be accomplished with control of the Senate so long as Obama remains President,(assuming,that is,that we do in fact gain control of the Senate,we could fail to win one,or more of the other seats,or we could gain control of the Senate only to lose it if Castle defects).
Some will mention subpoena power.My response is:what will you subpoena?Do you actually believe that if there is some evidence of a crime that Obama will turn it over rather than destroy it? When,other than Nixon has a President ever been removed from office?Did impeachment remove Clinton?Did having subpoena power make any practical difference regarding Bush?
This is a battle that will be won,(or lost,possibly),in 2012.
Control of the schedules is a major benefit.If it happens.If it doesn't we risk disaster,(as I explain below).(And of course even if we gain control of the Senate,by electing Castle we will send the message to the GOP leadership that they need fear no consequences for their cowardice,if for example,they fail to fully repeal Obamacare if/when we have a Republican President).
If their first mistake is overestimating the importance of taking the Senate in 2010,their second mistake is their failure to grasp the threat posed by Castle.
What threat you ask?In order to understand the threat you must first understand what the DISCLOSE act is.See here for background:

Stop the DISCLOSE act Hr5175: The Neointellectual:


Analysis of #DISCLOSE act #hr5175 #s3295 #tcot #tlot


Democrats Want to Regulate Bloggers & Shut Us Up Posted by Erick Erickson Redstate.com

Free Speech: Use It or Lose It :Paul Hsieh http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/free-speech-use-it-or-lose-it/

Update! Dems will stil push #DISCLOSE act even if they loose today’s vote #tcot#tlot #teaparty


And this article which shows that Brown may support a more "bi-partisan" bill.

Brown will not rule out voting for a more fairly statist DISCLOSE act http://theneointellectual.wordpress.com/2010/07/15/brown-will-not-rule-out-voting-for-a-more-fairly-statist-disclose-act-tcot-tlot-rino-teaparty-s3295/

Schumer changes DISCLOSE act to make it more palatable to Snowe,Collins et-al http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/110401-schumer-files-new-version-of-campaign-finance-bill-to-court-centrists

Dems will bring up DISCLOSE again in Sept & wage propaganda campaign in interim by RRD The Neointellectual.


The DISCLOSE act is not "just" another statist bill.It is a direct assault on the First Amendment,in fact,it is, (so far as I know),the most brazen & partisan assault on the First Amendment since the Alien & Sedition act.It is worse in some ways than Mccain-Feingold in it's one-sidedness & it's assault on bloggers(again see above).It received two Republican co-sponsors,(Walter Jones & Mike Castle),in the House & NONE in the Senate.Only TWO Republicans voted for it(Cao & Castle).Two.
Castle's conservative supporters seem to be either ignorant of Castle's horrendous record(see more below),or are downplaying it.

Let me emphasize this again:Castle voted to give the President the power to harrass & hound bloggers & the Tea Party.Snowe did not.Collins did not.Brown did not.Graham did not.Mccain did not.Only Castle & Cao did.This is the folly of pointing to Castle's ACU rating & comparing it to other Republicans.It is not the number of times he voted with or against the GOP,all issues are not of equal importance.If he voted with the GOP 99% of the time & voted for the DISCLOSE act THAT one vote would outweigh the others.Again he voted to give the President the power to declare war on the tea party movement.But,you say:If we control the Senate we won't have to worry about the DISCLOSE act,Mcconnell will never bring it up.Really?What makes you think that electing Castle is synonymous with gaining control of the Senate?Taking the Delaware seat is a necessary but not sufficient condition of taking the Senate.As I noted,it is quite possible that Castle could be elected & one of the other Repu
that the GOP is depending on will not be.This will leave us with a Democratic Senate AND Mike Castle.It is also possible that Castle could defect.Or use the threat of a defection to wield outsize influence.
But you say even if we take Delaware,but not the Senate what's the worst that could happen.Oh,let's see:
First the election of Castle sends the message to Snowe,Collins,Brown,that they have nothing to fear.They are free to cross the aisle to support the DISCLOSE act,
(Or a watered down version designed to protect both the Dems & the GOP establisment).
The result being a war on bloggers & the Tea Party.They can block repeal,(or a full repeal),even if the GOP does gain a majority.The GOP establisment will take Castle's election as a sign that they can backpedal on repeal,spending, anything.

Why exactly do these people think that Snowe & Collins & Brown & Graham voted against the DISCLOSE act?Fear.Fear of a primary challenger.Fear of the Tea Party.But why should they fear the Tea Party,(or anyone else),if we send the message that voting for the DISCLOSE act,(i.e. declaring war on the Tea Party & the Constitution), will get you elevated from Congressman to Senator.

See also:

Centrist Republicans pin their political hopes on the class of ’10 - TheHill.com http://thehill.com/homenews/house/109965-centrists-pin-their-hopes-on-the-class-of-10

Electing Castle will unleash the RINOS.They will feel impunity to do almost anything,& why shouldn't they?After all they will have bloggers from the Weekly Standard,the National Review & Hotair coming to their defense playing down their record while hypocritically ripping the Dems to shreds for the same votes.

The second likely effect is the further alienation of the Tea Party from the GOP.It is very difficult to persuade people who have actual,you know,convictions about the Constitution that the Republican party is redeemable if they nominate someone who voted for the DISCLOSE act,against the surge,& for a version of Murtha's "slow bleed" strategy.Castle also supported the Baker Iraq Study Groups bizarre "blame Israel First,last & always" argument that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was somehow the key to victory in Iraq.He voted for Cap and Trade,& for Pelosi's ban on incandescent blubs.In one of the more ominous developments he is open to filibuster reform.

Rep. Mike Castle on filibuster reform at StarkReports.com


But changing the Senate rules requires 67 votes?

See below:

Dems try to change filibuster w/o 67 votes DISCLOSE http://theneointellectual.wordpress.com/2010/08/07/dems-try-to-change-filibuster-wo-67-votes-disclose-tcot-tlot-teaparty-2

The third danger is that the Democrats will try to push through legislation in a lame-duck session,whoever wins the Delaware seat, (unlike the other races), will be seated immediately.If Cap and Trade is to be passed it is better for it NOT to be "bi-partisan".And only O'Donnell will vote against it.(Castle would have to reverse his entire track to vote against it,& he would have to do so AFTER being sent the message that he can get away with anything & still be elected)

Banking on Mike Castle By Jeff Poor http://spectator.org/archives/2010/08/17/banking-on-mike-castle

Christine O’Donnell Money Bomb! August 9, 2010 http://theothermccain.com/2010/08/09/christine-odonnell-moneybomb/

Why Does RINO Mike Castle Want to ‘Kill Jobs and Drive Up Prices on and Drive Up Prices on Everything’? The Other Mccain :


At times I feel that lurking beneath the "vote for the Rino or you are to blame for what happens",argument is the face of John Mccain smirking while he says "where will they go".
I sometimes wonder whether Castle's conservative supporters understand that we are,in many ways,as much at war with the Republican leadership in both the House & the Senate as we are with the Democrats.The difference being that the Democrats enact the laws & Republicans largely fight to keep the status quo & to walk rather than run towards a European style welfare state.With some notable exceptions such as Reagan in some cases they never seek to repeal & never will unless we push them to do it.


Obamacare is here to stay:
Chris Rowan http://www.newsrealblog.com/2010/09/04/obamacare-is-

Internal grumbling over Republican healthcare message intensifies message intensifies The Hill http://thehill.com/homenews/house/91047-internal-grumbling-on-gops-healthcare-message-intensifies

Mccain's mission: A GOP makeover
Politico http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1009/27832.html

Because I Can’t Resist: On McConnell’s Leadership Assurance:
Melissa Clouthier http://libertypundits.net/article/because-i-cant-resist-on-mcconnells-leadership-assurance/

We will need to dethrone Boehner,Cantor,Mcconnell & Cornyn if we are to repeal obamacare.We are going to have to be prepared to risk or even LOSE seats if we are to have any check on these people at all.Castle's defeat far from being a pointless exercise actually has a very clear point.We are not your whores.If you cross us,(as Castle did),we will not only not support you we will bring you down.
No I am not saying that I demand that a candidate support all my postions,(If I did I would be supporting a grand total of one candidate nationwide. i.e.: Stephen Bailey),but I DO DEMAND THAT THEY SUPPORT CERTAIN CORE ISSUES & THAT THEY NOT DECLARE WAR ON MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.Any savvy negotiator knows that if you walk into a negotiation unprepared to just get up & walk away you're toast.In such a case your opponent will always have the upper hand.The establishment Republicans & the RINOS understand this(& have been playing us for suckers all this time).It's time the Tea Party learned it.
See also:

More links on Castle :

Castle's voting record:


Castle on the ISG (James Baker's Iraq Study Group):


..."For this reason, I recently joined 44 other Members of Congress - Republicans and Democrats - in introducing legislation that crafts a clear-cut path forward in Iraq.  By relying on key recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, this legislation represents the first truly bipartisan proposal for ending this conflict and bringing our troops home I believe that it is critical for the U.S. to undertake an intense diplomatic initiative to engage al nations in a collective effort to solve the hardes problems we are facing in the Middle East.  This includes working with moderate Muslim countries in the region, to find a fair resolution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.  It also means talking to nation who have been agitators in the Middle East, like Syria and Iran, so that we may ease tensions and force these countries to become part of the solution"....

Castle was one of 17 Republicans in The House who voted for a resolution condemning the surge:


Castle was one of only six Republicans in The House to vote for a version of Murtha's "slow bleed" strategy.


The Weekly Standard on "slow bleed" & the anti-surge resolution:

The Democrats''Slow-Bleed' Strategy A disgraceful moment in Congress BY William Kristol February 26, 2007


Hotair's Allahpundit on Murtha's "slow bleed"

Video: Murtha lays out the slow-bleed strategy


WaPo: Dem centrists revolt against the slow bleed


Murtha “running the show”
by Bryan http://hotair.com/archives/2007/02/20/murtha-running-the-show/

"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a political party’s cynicism, cowardice irresponsibility and narcissism? Ask Jack Murtha, because that’s exactly what he’s askin of our troops fighting in Iraq"

National Review Online on "slow bleed"

War Power Game :


Castle on repealing Obamacare:

“While this president is in office,” said Castle, “repealing this full law is not realistic and not the best use of our efforts.”...

From The Washington Independent :

...."party in the First State. Bu what does this mean? First, Castle won’t sign onto Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-Minn.) repeal bill which takes some air out of that campaign Second, Castle isn’t promising to support repeal if he makes it to the Senate in 2011. And that takes some air out of Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) campaign for a similar repeal bill. "....

Primary Challenger Goes After Rep. Mike Castle for Soft-Pedaling Chances of Health Care Reform Repeal By David Weigel 3/26/10 http://washingtonindependent.com/80610/primary-challenger-goes-after-rep-mike-castle-for-soft-pedaling-chances-of-health-care-reform-repeal

Castle's "support" for repeal:maybe,someday I'll consider it

Christine O'Donnell signs repealit pledge http://www.repealit.org/pledge/candidate?field_state_value_many_to_one=DE

Castle did not And Christine O'Donnell:


Castle defends DC Gun ban as Constitutional &
professes ignorance of the small arms treaty:

Castle gets a F rating from NRA http://www.ontheissues.org/House/Michael_Castle_Gun_Control.htm

A list of Mike Castle's stances on other issues:

Human Events lists Castle at number 9 on their list of the top ten RINOS :

"9. Rep. Michael Castle (Del.) As president of the moderate Republican Main Street Partnership and key player in the so-called Tuesday Group lunches, he is a ring-leader of RINOs."..

Commentators on Mike Castle & Christine O'Donnell: Pro-O'Donnell & Anti-Castle:

Mark Levin Takes The Battle To NRO:Dan Riehl http://www.riehlworldview.com/carnivorous_conservative/2010/09/mark-levin-takes-the-battle-to-nro.html
Oh, Great, Now We Have Sand "Castle" Conservatives, Too:Dan Riehl http://www.riehlworldview.com/carnivorous_conservative/2010/09/oh-great-now-we-have-sand-castle-conservatives-too.html

Mark Levin rips criticism of Christine O’Donnel Posted by therightscoop on Sep 2, 2010 http://www.therightscoop.com/mark-levin-rips-criticism-of-christine-odonnell?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=mark-levin-rips-criticism-of-christine-odonnell

Mark Levin on O'Donnell vs. Castle:


Mark Levin calls on other talk show hosts to help O'Donnell:


Blue Hen Conservative:A conservative Delaware blogger.
Pro-O'Donnell Anti-Castle


Boot Mike Castle blog http://bootmikecastle.com/

The other Mccain:


Christine O'Donnell defended by Jeffrey Lord http://spectator.org/blog/2010/09/03/christine-odonnell-defended

Dan Riehl :My Response To Stephen Bainbridge's Ad Hominem Attack http://www.riehlworldview.com/carnivorous_conservative/2010/09/my-response-to-stephen-bainbridges-ad-hominem-attack.html

Chris Christie Whitman http://www.riehlworldview.com/carnivorous_conservative/2010/09/chris-christie-whitman.html

Reid Hopes For Castle's Cap And Trade Vote In Lame Duck Session


Dan Riehl :Figures Allah Couldn't Resist http://www.riehlworldview.com/carnivorous_conservative/2010/09/figures-allah-couldnt-resist.html

Michelle Malkin endorses O'Donnell:

Delaware and the GOP need fresh blood : Christine O’Donnell for Senate


Mark Levin Supposed Wisdom http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=427547210945

Both Anti-O'Donnell & Castle:

Pulling the Plug in Delaware: The Liberty.com and Christine O’Donnell Matter
by Erick Erickson

Anti-O'Donnell &/or Pro-Castle :

O'Donnell's Embarrassments By Quin Hillyer on 9.3.10


Who’s Backstabbing Who in Delaware? By  Jim Geraghty National Review Online:


Who Is Christine O'Donnell? The Tea Party backed Delaware Senate candidate talks to THE WEEKLY STANDARD. BY John McCormack http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/christine-odonnell-wont-rule-out-third-pa...

The Delaware Conundrum, Part Four Powerline http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2010/09/027142.php?format=print

Stay Classy, Christine O'Donnell
Ace of Spades http://ace.mu.nu/archives/305288.php

A Misguided Siege?
Fred Bauer http://fredbauerblog.blogspot.com/2010/08/misguided-siege.html

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